Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Letter To A Dear Friend(?)

Jkt, March 24 2013

Dear ___, 

Let's do it till we get bored of each other's greets... Till we stop missing the ding on our phones.. Till we find other interesting things.

Until the time. I will befriend you with all sincerity I can humbly offer. I will be deafening my ears from whatever people may say..

Even if you are kind, a kindness of someone one of a kind, i will close my eyes to it.. And consider you're here to befriend me, vice versa.

What I'm afraid of.. Is to misread your virtue with my impurity.. My wild beautiful mind.. That creates monster to jeopardize our friendship.

Because I know.. I know along the way.. Whatever people say and however bad the mockingbird sings.. We need each other in two different ways... 


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