Friday, May 9, 2014

Whatever Happens I Love You

(My open letter to Steven Patrick Morrissey) 

Dear Moz, 

It's been 2 years, Father, I miss you and I believe all of my friends miss you too.. 
You sincerely said, in your life you've never experienced such crowd like Jakarta's.. In my life, I've never either. That was the night I saw more grown-up men crying like a baby.
How will I forget the scene where everybody shout hysterically and cried endlessly, no matter who they are, or whatever scenes they came from. That night I thought I was gonna die squeezed in a really tight & raging crowd, but feels like a warm family of strangers.

Through the ups and downs of your health these couple of years, we prayed that we'll be given another chance to see you again. Though you are untouchable, but you have touched all of our hearts in a strange way. 
It's always crazy to think that people who adores you will never do it in mediocre way, they will praise you like a god. 

Come visit your children and believers once more in Indonesia, we know you said you are patiently waiting to be summoned back, and so are we. 
So stay healthy. Until the day when we can see you again, I will rewind the memories of #MorrisseyJKT 2012 over and over again. 

These are not heavy words that lightly thrown, because Whatever Happens I Love You. 

Yours Truly,
Ditha タキッス

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